Our core mission is simply to

Make our clients
better professionals

Our success is really about yours, and a set of beliefs.

Taking away stresses associated with financial management, providing a system for managing it all and continually finding ways to optimise wealth creation, we leave you to focus on what you do best.

The power of professionals working together under one roof, acting on your behalf, knowing what needs to get done and doing it, we’ll get you where you’re going sooner.

Creating milestones and achievement of life’s goals, providing clarity of where you are and what comes next, being ahead of the curve when it comes to legislation, economic cycles and advice, preempting what comes next, and being experts in the specific needs of our chosen clients creates outcomes that make lives.

The result is money is rarely a worry for our clients, which means they can focus more on their vocation and, importantly, enjoy life outside it all.

The bigger picture is more professionals who are able to fully dedicate their focus to the goal of greater human well-being and creating a happier, healthier and prosperous Australia.

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our journey

The Start

Our story didn’t begin with some grand idea.

We wanted to work across a broad range of areas, simple as that, and slowly we began to realise there were certain clients who needed it done in a certain way.

The Start
The Goal

At first it was about accounting, but then it expanded.

The more it expanded the more we realised the power in filling the gaps between the advice and what happens when you have experts from different fields working together, communicating collaborating, being the best at what they do whilst doing it together.

The Goal
The Principle

Our principles have evolved but they are still a core driver of what we do and how we do it.

We communicate to client the full scope of value.

From Day One, we’re passionate about making sure you understand it isn’t about a single field of expertise. It’s about combining them.

We don’t have to see eye-to-eye with every client, but the sum feeling of our combined working relationships must be positively geared.

Personal means being available, listening to the need, answering the questions and making clients feel like they’re dealing with individuals.

If we can make clients feel informed, like things are under-control, clear, confident, like they don’t have to worry and follow it up, then we’re doing it right.

Manage the feeling first, money second.

The Principle
The Now

Today BBB Partners is one of the leading multidisciplinary advice firms in Australia and a brand name amongst medical, professionals.

More than that, we’re a team. A team with a mission.

The Now

meet our team

Angela Laughlin

Operations Development Manager

Sheree Nitschke

Super Fund Manager

Tao Hsu CFP

Senior Financial Adviser

Lincoln Kallady CFP

Senior Financial Adviser

James Brown

Financial Adviser

Greg Condon

Senior Insurance Adviser

Sachea Noynay


Leirry Parba

Financial Planning Assistant

Christine Tulod

Financial Planning Assistant

Michael Curran

Finance Lending Manager

Andrew Grano

Mortgage Broker

Seamus McPeake CA

Internal Accountant

Sheri Lai CPA

Senior Accountant/Adviser

Anthony McCann CPA

Senior Accountant/Adviser

Ino Wijaya CPA

Senior Accountant/Adviser

Kelvin Greig CA

Senior Accountant/Adviser

Venisha Juvarajan CPA

Senior Accountant/Adviser

Bryan Pye CA

Senior Accountant

Gemma Savis


Jin Huang CA

Senior Accountant

Mia Xue CA

Senior Accountant

Michael Douglas CPA

Senior Accountant

Mike Dai CA

Senior Accountant

Nicole Marshall CPA

Senior Accountant

Stefan Bavolyar CA

Senior Accountant/Adviser

Will Smith CPA

Senior Accountant

Dianne Curran

Tax Administration Assistant

Meegan Hogan

Administration Assistant

Sandra Ricci

Tax Administration Assistant

Miles Deayton

Tax Liaison

Anoushka Nayyar

Client Services Administrator


Monize Diniz

Client Experience Manager

Simone Toto

Insurance Associate

Contact Info

Level 8, 60 Albert Road,
South Melbourne
VIC 3205 Australia
Phone: (03) 9693 7777
Email: contactus@bbbpartners.com.au

BBB Partners Pty Ltd
ACN 109 197 917

After-hours appointments are available.
Parking Available.

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